Book(witch)Doctoring by Skyler White

Welcome to the Witchery. Take a seat. Have a cup of tea. It’s just tea -- no magic in it yet, I promise.

I’ll introduce myself. I’m Skyler White, a published author with a master’s degree and professional experience in advertising, but that’s not why you’re here.

You’re here because you have a story for me -- maybe it’s a completed manuscript you hope to sell, maybe it’s just the idea for one – and you want to know if there’s anything I can do to help. I’d like to. It’s why I’m here. I love writers, their processes and problems, and I’ve built up a larder of tricks and tips, techniques and tools, and other things that don’t start with “t” to help them along.

So let’s take a look. I’ll show you a couple of vials, and you let me take a peek at what you’ve got in the basket. The first hour’s free. Witches work for love after all, but we need to buy tea.


The one thing no author can bring to her story is a fresh set of eyes. You simply can’t experience a piece you’ve worked on for the first time the way a reader will. You can’t see what you can’t see, so let me tell you.

I’ll read for organization, character development and arc, structure, style, audience experience, internal consistency, and grammar, word choice, punctuation, and spelling; and I’ll suggest edits. Send me the first scene or section, up to ten pages, in an email titled “eyes” and I’ll lend you mine.


Brainstorming can help flesh out a nascent story idea, fix a plot hole, or unstick a character (or author). Often, having another brain to bounce ideas off can be enough to shake the cobwebs from your own.

Want to throw something at mine? Click the "brains" button to send me the set-up for your story or the spot where you're stuck, and I’ll storm mine for questions, ideas and suggestions. Then we'll chat.


Writing takes courage and patience, in addition to a storehouse of technical skills. It often takes years to develop an effective creative process, and even highly accomplished writers get disheartened. Writer’s block, loss of confidence, procrastination, trouble getting started, and disorganization in the work or how it’s getting (or not getting) done are all coachable problems.

If you’re struggling, you’re not alone. Take heart! I’ve spent a lot of time studying the unique difficulties that beset writers, and collecting things that can help.

For immediate relief try:

For more personalized support, click the button below to email me. I want to help writers write.

Elbows (and the grease thereof)

Polishing a manuscript is labor intensive, but without that sparkle, it’s difficult to catch an acquisition editor’s eye, or that of reviewers, readers and critics. If copyediting, re-wording, outline distillation, proofreading, cliché-catching or other refinements would help your work shine, click the Elbows button to send me the first scene or section, up to ten pages, in an email, and I’ll roll up my sleeves.

Spirits Immaterial

If you know you have a story in you, but don’t know how to tell it, if your experience, wisdom and skills are worth sharing, but don’t include book writing, summon a ghost! Working with with a ghostwriter allows you to publish your story in your voice with your name on the spine, without needing to master a new art form and skillset. If this kind of collaboration is what you need, the free first hour is in conversation, so click the button to email me, and we’ll set up a time to talk by phone or text.

Pixie dust

If what you’ve written is already complete and has been edited, but could still use a little extra magic -- a few exquisitely turned phrases, the sheen of a gorgeous analogy, back cover copy that compels, a provocative tagline or title – click the button to send me an email and include your first scene or section, up to ten pages, and I’ll return it, sprinkles on top.

That's the end of our tour

Let’s go back to the fireside and give the cauldron a stir. If you were looking for something you didn’t find on the shelves, please let me know. I love talking to writers. Otherwise, you’re welcome to browse the library at your leisure. Stay as long as you’d like, but if you find much of value, and you’d like to, you can buy me a cup of tea.